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Yalmeh® Foundation Makeup Brush
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    Product Information:

    ◙ The Yalmeh Y19 premium quality Foundation brush will spotlight your natural beauty and leave a flawless finish. Like mac foundation brush.

    ◙ Created From Top Grade Synthetic Fiber Materials For Long Lasting Use.Higher Quality Fibers Prevent Shedding for as long as you own the brush. 

    ◙ Easy Clean Up With No Smell, High-Quality Hand Made With Wood Handles.Best Gift for Friend. 

    ◙ The Perfect Brush Even on the go-Yalmeh Y19 is Great for Setting, Bronzing and Applying Blush. Liquid Foundation Brush, Powder Foundation Brush. Foundation Blending Brush, Foundation Makeup Brush. 

    ◙ Do Not Let Another day in The Mirror Pass Without Yalmeh Foundation Brush.  

    Unsurpassed Quality & Made From Top Grade Materials Unsurpassed Quality & Made From Top Grade Materials.

    Easy To Clean:

    The Yalmeh® Foundation Brush applies makeup evenly and very easy to clean. The Y19 Foundation Brush makes it easy to store and will protect it for a long time. Wash the brushe with warm water, clean it with your favorite shampoo, and rinse thoroughly. Let your brush air dry or use a hairdryer for quicker results. Brush should be cleaned once before first use.

    Yalmeh® Naturals Products Commitment:

    Yalmeh® Naturals is committed to high quality in our products as well as higher standard of customer service. Yalmeh offers professional-quality makeup kits and natural cosmetics for consumers.

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