If you are interested in returning your initial purchase of Yalmeh® Naturals for a full refund, please  review our terms and conditions here and ensure you qualify. If you qualify, then fill out this form below and send it back with the unused portion of the tube. Make sure to send the product back with a delivery confirmation at least. We are not responsible for your lost package.

NOTE: Returns will be processed within a week after receiving it and only if all the information is properly filled out below.

Please be advised the long term effects of Yalmeh® Naturals do not always appear evident until the 6th week of usage. Your full money back guarantee lasts for 3 months (90 days), so we highly advise you keep using Yalmeh® Naturals until at least the 6th week before making your final decision or until the tube is completely empty.

If you have any questions in regards to our return policy, or if you need information such as your invoice number or order date please email us at Support@YalmehNaturals.com 

952 Industry Drive Seattle, WA 98188

 * Email confirmation is sent to you on date of purchase. Please make sure to input the exact information you have on file with us.

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